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Front & Rear Stunning Property Transformation | Thurrock

A project in the heart of Thurrock, showcases a dramatic before-and-after transformation of a front and back outdoor space, which is now a stunning block paving driveway at the front of the property. Along with large multifunctional updated garden area, delivered to the customers’ expectations and beyond.

As we enter the property, the initial space was uneven with scattered gravel and remnants of old cobbles with little appeal to the eye. The contrasting borders add depth and a contemporary flair to the overall design. Practicality met style as we ensured optimal water drainage and durability, guaranteeing this driveway will stand the test of time. With our expertise in block paving driveways, Delta Landscapes was able to deliver a fresh and modernised driveway to the customer. Take a look below at the before and after images!

For the rear of the property, our dedicated team cleared the site, prepped the grounds, and ensured a levelled surface. The chosen sandstone, renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal, was laid methodically to craft a sleek patio space. Adjacent to this, fresh topsoil was introduced and compressed, prepping it for the new grass installation.

Installing the fresh new grass turf really brings out the gardens potential for the family to add to in the future.

Dive into the images below to see the progress and transformation images.

This project is a testament to Delta Landscape’s commitment to delivering quality and beauty in equal measure. Take a look through all the images throughout the projects duration to create your own vision for what your outdoor space could look like!

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