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Brick Wall & Porcelain Patio Installation | Corringham

Delta Landscapes is proud to showcase a transformation project that perfectly epitomises our commitment to quality and design innovation. While it served its purpose, the homeowners desired a more modern and streamlined appearance for their patio space. This project involved the removal of an existing brick wall, subsequently replaced with a contemporary cream-colored design.

Accompanied by a luxurious cosmos ivory Porcelain Patio, bringing a touch of elegance and modern flair to the outdoor space, ready for the homeowners to implement their own taste.

Wrapping round the side of the property as we enter through a side entrance, the continued use of porcelain patio in the stunning cosmos ivory colourway brings the modern aesthetic and adds contemporary charm to the space.

Just take a look at the images to see the before and after results from this project!

Take another look into our gallery where we have many more photos of brickwork and patios to help paint your dream outdoor area for your home.          

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