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Porcelain Patio, Artificial Grass and Luscious Golf Green | Essex

Witness the power of landscaping expertise in these compelling before-and-after images from a recent Delta Landscapes project in Leigh on Sea.
Initially, the outdoor space displayed a barren stretch of uneven land, cluttered with outdoor play equipment. Fast forward to our intervention: The transformed space now flaunts a pristine green carpet, and boasts an impeccably designed mini golf course that brings vibrancy and life to the yard.

 A smooth, grey pathway elegantly bisects the garden, enhancing accessibility and adding a modern touch. Not to mention the stunning installation of a dark grey porcelain patio to introduce an open area for the family home. Take a look at the dedicated putting green corner, not only elevating the aesthetics but also offering a fun, recreational spot for homeowners.

It didnt stop there! Delta Landscapes embarked on the driveway as part of this brilliant project, to bring a warm welcome to the residency. From a front space cluttered with debris, wild overgrowth, the new outdoor space exudes a modern yet timeless appeal, offering both functionality and curb appeal.

From disorder to sheer elegance, Delta Landscapes has reinvented outdoor living in Leigh on Sea. Let our images tell the story of how we turn dreams into vibrant, functional realities. Your garden’s potential is just a call away!

With the property looking lavish with the outstanding trio of a fresh driveway, new patio and beautiful golf course, our Team at Delta Landscapes have shown how far a little care and effort can put into our customer’s houses.

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