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London Stone Porcelain Garden Revival | Hornchurch

Experience this porcelain patio and brickwork transformation in a  rear garden makeover with Delta Landscapes located in Hornchurch. The before image showcases a garden space with overgrown plants, aged paving, and a lack of functional areas. However, with our expert intervention, the after image reveals a complete updated new look for the garden.

The fresh, sleek porcelain patio in a beige London Stone style complements the contemporary design of the modern house. While the raised brick planters offer a structured and clean look boarding the patio, with steps leading up to the rear of the garden.

Take a look at the updated patio space! Ideal for relaxation and outdoor gatherings, seamlessly integrating with the home’s modern aesthetics, ready for the many years of memory making for the homeowners.

hornchurch essex beige london stone project 6
hornchurch essex beige london stone project 7
hornchurch essex beige london stone project 29

Does your garden need some love and innovation? Delta Landscapes are only One Call Away! Call us on 07572 770603 or drop us an email at info@delta-landscapes.co.uk.

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