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Patio & Grass Turf Installation | Brentwood

Transforming outdoor spaces in Brentwood Delta Landscapes proudly presents its latest garden endeavor. As you navigate through the images, you’re welcomed by the elegant sheen of our sand dusk patio—a blend of contemporary design and durable craftsmanship. Each tile emanates a neutral, calming hue, reflecting a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. Adjoining the patio is a plush, green patch of freshly laid turf, offering a soft contrast to the hard patio surfaces. This project beautifully melds two fundamental garden elements, ensuring not just visual appeal but also a comfortable, usable space for homeowners. Every step of our work, from planning to execution, resonates with our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.


Take another look into our gallery where we have many more photos of grass turf and patios to help paint your picture for your next renovation to the  outdoor area for your home.

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