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Decking | From Stale to State-of-the-Art

On our newest project at Delta Landscapes, we were asked for our decking services to transform a beautiful modern house in Essex, turning an underutilized outdoor space into a contemporary, stylish, and functional area. The client, having recently purchased a new-build home, wanted to add some character as well as functionality, hence why they chose one of our fashionable decking options.

Our first step involved constructing a sturdy wooden frame the decking could rest upon, ensuring a solid and enduring foundation. Atop this structure, we laid elegant decking, the colour matching the creme of the house walls, markedly enhancing the area’s visual appeal. One highlight of our work is the beautiful staircase, flowing elegantly into rest of the decking. Our responsibly sourced wood has enduring quality, capable of withstanding diverse weather conditions compared to a low-end material that you see being washed away in floods. The end result is a flexible outdoor environment, ideal for relaxation, hosting gatherings, or simply enjoying the scenery.

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Intrigued by our decking projects? Explore our Decking service page or reach out to us for your FREE consultation! Email us at info@delta-landscapes.co.uk or call at 07572 770603 for more information.

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